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Custom made aluminium signs are a great signage solution that look great & can stand up to the elements.  Aluminium signs are metal signs that are 3mm thick.  They are made of rust free aluminium & a reinforced plastic core.  Aluminium signs have many uses for instance, they can be used as signs over shops, as well as street signs and general out door wall mounted signage to promote any message. Our aluminium signs are all laminated for extra durability. Similarly we only use 3 to 5 year vinyl for greater life.

Aluminium signage panels are regularly used as signage above shop fronts.  Consider Aluminium trays for extra depth if you want your sign to stand out.   This is also ideal for stopping imperfections from the wall coming through on your sign.

Aluminium panels are budget friendly and look fantastic.  The shinny material is guaranteed to catch the eye of people passing by making them a popular choice for signs on the exterior of a business property.

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