Pavement signs are outdoor display boards. They are unbeatable in terms of their durability, versatility & cost effectiveness. Pavement signs can be used directly outside your business to display promotional material, menu specials, opening times or whatever message you wish to display.

Our Windmaster, A-Board and Ecoflex signs have the advantage of being portable.  This means that they can easily stored inside when your business is closed and wheeled out when opened. More importantly, the posters displaying your message can easily be changed whenever needs be.

Email us your own poster design. Alternatively send us your logo,brand guidelines and any other relevant information and one of our designers can design a poster for your Pavement Sign.  We can also advice you on which pavement sign would best suit your requirements.

Email us at or phone us at 094 9521916

Three of our most popular pavement signs are A-Boards Signs, Windmaster signs and EcoFlex signs.

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