Vehicle Graphics

Your van is a big investment for your business.  Why not make the most of it by applying vehicle graphics with your company name, logo & contact details. Your van can become your own mobile billboard spreading publicity for your business easily.  Did you know that van signage is the most effect form of advertising!!!

Benefits of having vehicle graphics:

1  Increases brand awareness

2. Makes potential customers aware of your products & services.

3. Displays your contact details.

What we do:

We can design new graphics for your vehicle or we can adopt your current logo & colours to suit any vehicle.

We use only high quality materials for greatest effect & greater durability that is there is no fade.

We also provide chevron kits to make sure your vehicle is compliant with Chapter 8 of the government’s Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) to be used at work sites on public roads to warn, instruct and guide road users in a safe progression through or around a work site.  Many organisations have adopted these guidelines as best practice and will only allow Chapter 8 compliant vehicles onto their worksite.

Helpful tips when sign writing your vehicle.

1. Advertise your business.  Don’t presume the public knows what you do.  You need to specify exactly what work you do.

2. Minimal Design. When you are on the move you need to consider how much can be seen by people as you pass by.

3. Be Consistent with Brand image.  Your brand logo & colour scheme should be the same across all your marketing materials.

4. Proof Read.  Once you have a design that you are happy with make sure you proof read all text and contact numbers.  No point in having high quality vehicle graphics if your number is wrong or there is a spelling mistake.

We offer 3 different types of signwriting for you to choose from.

1 Magnetic signs are a non-permanent form of signwriting for your van.

2. Simple low cost lettering.

3. Partial or complete Van wraps.

Please click on pictures below for more information on each type.

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