Window Graphics & Frosting

Window graphics & frosting are a great idea for promoting your business while at the same time providing privacy.  High quality window graphics provide eye catching visual designs that will impress clients.  Likewise they can create a more attractive, comfortable work environment for employees.

Here at Bridge Signs we design, print & install:

  1. Frosted Glass Graphics
  2. Floor to Ceiling graphics
  3. Machine cut graphics
  4. Contra Vision/One way vision glass graphics.


1. Frosted Glass Graphics

Frosted window graphics are mainly used for privacy reasons. This is a thin adhesive vinyl film which has been specially designed to give the appearance of frosted etched glass.  As with all vinyls it allows natural light in, thereby avoiding a darkened room effect.

2. Floor to Ceiling Graphics

Floor to ceiling window graphics can create visual stunning & eye catching window signage.  It can be used to reinforce your company branding, or to promote specific products & services.  They are also the perfect solution to temporary obscure an area with a large scale print.

3. Machine Cut Graphics.

Simple messages applied on glass can be just as effective as larger images.  They can be used to promote your brand, product or slogan.  Similarly they can be used on glass to act as an information or warning panel.  Machine cut graphics are a cost effective solution to a marketing problem.

4. Contra Vision/One way vision Glass Graphics.

Contra vision is a digitally printed form of window graphics.  It can be used to enhance privacy while at the same time promoting your company’s marketing message.  Contra vision allows you to see out but restricts vision in.


All our window graphics are produced using long life, premium brand vinyls.  They are all laminated & installed by experienced fitters.

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